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Tarmacing, roads and pavement re-surfacing is a service for which we skilled and carry out regularly.
Hampshire Groundworks & Surfacing Ltd


Domestic and commercial block paving drives, roads, pavements and patios are undertaken and advice given.
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Excavation work including drainage and below surface installations are carried out commercially.

Groundwork Contractors

Hampshire Groundworks & Surfacing Ltd is an established groundwork contractor possessing wide experience in all aspects of groundwork, excavation, road surfacing, driveway installations for both commercial and domestic clients.

We specialise in all aspects of groundwork and excavation services. All site groundwork operations are carried out by experienced ground workers and overseen and supervised throughout the operation and working closely with the surveying and site management. All of our groundwork staff are accredited, qualified and trained for the various types of groundwork. We operate in Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and London areas offering a comprehensive range of plant machinery for all road, tarmac, drainage and construction work.

All of our groundwork projects are carried out to an exceptionally high standard and undertaken in a professional manner. We provide the most cost effective groundwork services including:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Augering & Moling
  • Footings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Hard Landscaping
  • Land Drains
  • Drainage
  • Tarmacing
  • Concrete Slabs

Driveway Installers

A block paving or gravel driveway that has been properly installed can look impressive and with the correct ground work structure it can last a long time, giving you a satisfying crunch underfoot as your drive along your driveway. A gravel drive and block paving combined drive also fits well into a landscaped garden or grass surrounds and best of all it does not require very much maintenance apart from an occasional rake to smooth out the ripples.

Tar and gravel is a version of a gravel drive but the gravel sticks to the tar beneath it rather than being loose. It is also known as tar and chip and provides a rougher surface. One point to consider though is that it will need renewing approximately every 10 years or so, depending on the type of usage it gets.

Asphalt offers a black but smooth surface to your driveway, similar to a road surface and is a popular option if the budget is restricted. This type of driveway material needs to be effectively sealed as water permeating within the asphalt will soon see it degenerating, especially in low winter temperatures of below freezing point.

Drainage is an important issue of any driveway project and particularly when installing your new driveway. Water than cannot drain through your driveway material has to go somewhere and as an experienced and professional driveway contractor we will build this into your driveway design so that you do not get pooling water creating dents and hollows in your new drive.


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