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  • Drop Kerb Crossovers
  • Drop Kerb Crossovers

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A dropped kerb or a crossover is an area of lowered pavement and kerb, which is used to give access to vehicles from a road, across the pavement, and onto a driveway or parking area.
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See our Facebook feedback and profile to assess our overall ability to install drop kerbs and crossovers. We have installed many such groundwork and driveway tasks..
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Excavation work including drainage and below surface installations are carried out for home owners and commercial concerns throughoiut the south of England including London.

Drop Kerb Applications

Applications for a dropped kerb to access your driveway are processed and managed by our highway contractor Colas.

Please print, complete and return the 'Vehicle Crossover' application form from the Colas website, or request a paper form from Colas.

The administration fee for processing the form is £66 including VAT.

Colas will set a charge for the dropped kerb itself when processing the application, as this can vary.

You are able to use a private contractor to carry out the dropped kerb work, but Colas must approve the works to the public highway. The application will advise you how to do this.

Entrance Markings

Example information from the Portsmouth City Council website - It is no longer council policy to protect access to private off-street parking facilities with double yellow lines, and most of these markings have now been removed. Applications for entrance markings are also managed by Colas.

The cost of the line markings will be £118.64 (including VAT). Entrance markings over 4.6m will incur a charge of £10 + VAT per metre. The entrance marking provided will consist of one line with a bar at each end - due to legislation, the word ‘Entrance’ or similar will not be painted.

Please print, complete and return the 'Entrance Marking' application form from the Colas website, or request a paper form from Colas.


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